Would you like to go skiing in the short term, to meet with friends on the Mediterranean, or rather to hunt with your fellows?

With the possibility of chartering of a jet, you can travel comfortably and above all safely as close to your destination as possible.

You avoid inconvenient waiting, uncomfortable baggage check-in, and generally long distances from a large airport to your holiday destination.

This is the beginning of your holiday in a smooth, relaxed atmosphere in a private aircraft. We will do our best to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Whether food, drinks, or magazines. Just let us know and we will keep it ready for you. Of course, we also warmly welcome your children. Even your pets shouldn’t stay at home. We also would take care about a rental car, a cab, or other amenities around your trip, so that you can travel as pleasant as possible. Just decide when and where you want to fly - the choice is yours!

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