About DAS

You deserve more than First Class.

What does freedom mean to you? Perhaps, to overcome thousands of miles whenever you want to. Discovering the world in an undisturbed atmosphere? Or to relax while reading one of your favorite magazines on your way back home from a successful meeting.

Celebrate your liberty and enjoy the special comforts of DAS Private Jets: special charter flights and the highest security requirements combined with extraordinary service and sensational flexibility. This most elegant way to travel unchains you from rigid flight schedules and annoying check-ins.

With DAS Private Jets you will experience an extra-class service - already before the start. First and foremost because your schedule is the only obliging flight plan to us. We also take you to destinations, which are unattainable for the airlines. While two of our experienced pilots will bring you safely to your destination in a modern Embraer jet, you can enjoy the relaxed journey or just go through your working documents. Originated from Donau Air Service GmbH, we look back on more than 30 years of aviation experience. So, you benefit of it even beyond the runway. On your special request, we can arrange a limousine service or book an excellent suite in one of the most prestigious hotels for you.

Maybe it is precisely this carefreeness, that you inevitably connect with freedom.

Especially for aircraft owners:

Benefit as a private aircraft owner from a partnership with DAS Private Jets – an aviation company with the operating license issued by the German federal aviation administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

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