Business Flights

Just imagine: In the morning, you may work at your desk office. At lunchtime, you'll be entering one of our aircraft, and you will be 800 km away attending a business meeting and already on the same evening, you can have another appointment or simply be back home with your family. With the possibility of non-standard approaches, not like scheduled airlines, we will bring you to your business appointment as close as possible. Therefore, you will have a minimum waste of time on the road or during security entering procedures.

Our engines start as soon as you are on board. In case of any changes to your timeline, we will adapt our schedule accordingly. During the flight, you can enjoy a snack, prepare yourself for the next appointment or even hold a meeting.

Our schedule will support your time efficiency. This way you will have more time to concentrate on your actual business which often is much more economical than with the airlines.

Naturally, with us you will fly as safe as with a scheduled airline.