Airplane Management

Are you the happy owner of a plane or are you planning to invest in this field? We bring your aircraft to the market when you don´t want to use it yourself, and this under best possible conditions. This gives you plenty of advantages.

Such as special owner rates, attractive leasing returns and the commercial employment of your airplane just to name a few advantages. You see – with us you can only be a winner.

Furthermore, we ensure that the aircraft is operated under the highest professional safety conditions. In addition to monitoring the maintenance programs, this also includes the regular training of the crew.

At your wish, we will accompany you from the beginning in your decision. We can provide you with excellent support based on our experience, especially when choosing the right aircraft.

Then we integrate your aircraft into our fleet. This brings the following advantage: while your aircraft is in maintenance, you can always have instant access to another one. So, you may always enjoy the highest flexibility.